Paper Presentation Session (PP)

Session General Structure:

A Paper Presentation Session is the traditional type of session that provides the opportunity for authors to share their research with the academy and to get valuable feedback from their peers. Importantly, the idea of such a session is that author(s) present papers that are in the final stages of development as well as meet the standard of originality, meaning, research that is not yet published or under review by any journal.

Each Paper Presentation Session is 90 minutes long and consists of 3 presentations and interactive discussions on one common theme (see Conference Program session title). As a presenter, you are expected to not only present your paper, but to read all the abstracts (available in the online program) and provide the other presenters feedback that will help them further develop their research. It is through such collegial support that we can help the presenters as well as the entire family enterprise academy benefits.

The Chair of your session is expected to lead the interactive discussion and also provide further constructive feedback on each of the papers.  The Chair will also introduce each presenter and assure the timing of the session.

Presentation Guidelines:

Your Paper Presentation structure should include (if applicable):

  • Literature Overview/Theoretical Background
  • Leading Research Question(s) or Hypotheses
  • Methodology/Sample/Case Study Characteristics
  • (Preliminary) Results/Propositions
  • Discussion
  • Contributions
  • Limitations 

You will have access to a computer (Windows 8.1) and beamer as well as your 30-minute presentation will be as follows:

  • 15 minutes presentation of your research
  • 5 minutes commentary from your session Chair and other presenters
  • 10 minutes interactive discussion with the participants to the session

Don't save any presentations on the computers (Windows 8.1) at the conference venue. The usage of own laptops for the presentation is not possible. Make sure to bring a USB (thumb drive).