Discussion Session (DS)

Session General Structure:

A Discussion Session provides an opportunity for constructive conversations around one major theme in a friendly round table setting. Attendees are invited to participate by listening, observing, and actively contributing to the discussion ensuing with presenters and Chair during the discussion segments of the session.

Each session is 90-minute long and consists of 4 promising research papers that are in various stages of development.You will present your own research and also be prepared to discuss the research of all other presenters in your session.

The Chair of your session is also expected to provide further constructive feedback on the future development of each abstract and provide oversight of the ensuing session discussions of each abstract as well as manage the timing of the session.  During each discussion segment for each abstract, the Chair is expected to engage all presenters as well as the conference attendees present.

Presentation Guidelines:

1) Via the links within the Conference Program, you can access online the 4 research abstracts of your session presenters.  As a session presenter/participant, you will also be requested to read all abstracts and prepare at least one insightful comment for each relative to how the research could be improved or further developed and/or how the research contributes to your own thinking or research.  

2) During the session, you will present a 10-minute summary and comments of your paper. To aid your presentation and stimulate discussion, please distribute copies of your presentation to all session’s participants. Your Word/presentation document needs to include, depending on your stage of your research, and include: Leading question, Literature Overview, Methodology, Results (if any), Discussion, Contributions, Limitations. 

3) You and other presenters will participate in a 10-minute general and interactive discussion of each research abstract/presentation led by the Chair.  The attendees in the audience may also participate in this discussion segment.

4) After the conference, you are requested to send a written report of your feedback to your fellow participants.

Don't save any presentations on the computers (Windows 8.1) at the conference venue. The usage of own laptops for the presentation is not possible. Make sure to bring a USB (thumb drive).